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In A Dilemma For How To Price Your Yard Sale Items Then Follow The Below Guide Presented By Packers And Movers Bangalore

Moving to a new city or state and wanna decrease your load by selling some of your not unusable items which is actually cost effective and wise option. Decided what you want to sell but still in dilemma for how to price them, pricing your goods will decide whether your goods will have good and profitable yard sale or not, as people come here is for exploiting great deals and that’s why garage sale is effective way for selling your basic and normal goods in reasonable price, so make this challenging pricing work easy by following the below guide presented by #Packers And #Movers #Bangalore.

Now don’t feel stress while moving out of country because Packers and Movers Bangalore experts will handle it carefully and effectively. They are notch in 4 finest moving companies and got approval from IBA too. Best Packers And Movers In Bangalore is their another name as their performance is best and within reasonable price and all this is possible because of following method of in house estimation in which price for your move is computed on the basis of services you avail.

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How to price your saleable furniture’s:

Low quality furniture:

Furniture which is heavily used and full of scratches or made up of flabby material should be priced cheap and low, so you can consider pricing them within 670 rupee to 2000 rupee. At this price they can be easily saleable.

Sturdy furniture:

Solid wood dresser, cabinet, bookshelf and table are such furniture’s which yield capacity of earning higher price in your yard sale. Don’t hesitate for dropping price if you wanna because here your main motive is to sell, not to earn profit and follow the good rule of thumb- price these items 1/3 of there original price. Handle your yard sale perfectly and unburden yourself with the worry of your #Household #Relocation from Bangalore because when you hire Packers and Movers HSR Layout Bangalore, from the moment you hire them their proficient team will handle your move without letting you worry for anything.

Home decor items:

Pictures, knickknacks, frames and other home decor items should be priced lower in the whole yard sale, but don’t follow such rule for antiques and arts.

Rare antiques:

For getting best deal its better to sell your antique goods online in sites like craigslist, Amazon and e-bay.

Clothes and shoes:

No matter what you are displaying always present those in neat and clean condition and if possible then try to something enhance their beauty.

Baby clothes:

Price gently used baby clothes between 70 rupees to 180 rupees, but if your item is branded and still have its tag then you can price it higher.

  • Price the heavily used and stained items between rupees 30 to 40.
  • If you have tone of baby clothes consider selling them by the bag of rupees 300 or so.

Adult clothes:

Except branded clothes, price your clothes between rupees 150 to 250. Arrange your clothes in such a way so people don’t have to dig too deep to find the something worthy.


Price your branded and gentle used clothes higher and other between rupees 600 to 900.


Polish your shoes for removing scuff and marks. Try to display your shoes attractively, rather than throwing them all in a box. Price your non- branded shoes between rupees 350 to 500.

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Other items:

Kitchen supplies:

Sell your china wear, flatware, backing supplies and other kitchen items between 70 to 150 rupees. Make sure to clean them carefully before placing them for display. For the safety of your delicate items during the move, avail Packers And Movers Bangalore To Hyderabad #Insurances #Services.


You can also give some of your toys free of cost to the kids coming with their parents in yard sale. And for other stuffed and nice toys price them between 50 to 150 rupees.

Electronic Appliances:

For selling your old electronic items search online prices for such items and price them lower than the prices you find online like if you brought your juicer for rupees 2500 go for rupees 1000 or 900 if it’s in good condition, otherwise for rupees 600 to 500.

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