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These Packing Tricks Look Weird, But Actually Really Helpful For Your Household Move @ Movers And Packers Bangalore

Only Loading your goods safely doesn’t secure its safety, effective #Packing with appropriate material is the key to save your goods from relocation risks. Off course there is lots of goods in our household and so it’s really tricky to pack them all safely with the required material and tricks but don’t worry folks. You know we remember something different or weird more easily than the normal and tricky ones. So today I am fusing up weird and safety together and bringing tricks for packing your household goods safely for your #Moving #Bangalore.

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Wired But Helpful Tips For Your Household Move:

For Fragile like glasses and cups:

Follow this simple recipe for saving your fragile items from any risk:
  • Clean your glasses and cups and put crumpled paper in them who don’t have any ink on  them.
  • Now put your tube socks into use. Insert your stemware, glasses and cups but one piece per socks.
  • Picking up wine or beer liquor boxes with cardboard separator for packing your fragile items will be best for keeping them safe during, you can get them free and easily from liquor stores.
  • While packing your fragile items with handle like coffee mug, turn their handle inward in boxes and fill any vacant space with crumble paper having no ink.
  • Don’t forget to label it as “handle with care”.

For Bracelets and necklaces:

Your house lady will be really sad if they see tangled bracelets and necklaces which she cherish the most. There is no substitution for that, if those items hold some memory to her, so to save bracelets and necklace for ending up in such sate follow this:

  1.  Grab few empty toiler rolls and drinking straws.
  2.  Put your jewelry with thin chain in a drinking straw and tape up its end on the edge of   straw for thick items thread each chain around roll or straw and then pin them.
  3.  Gently lay down them in a box which have layer of towel or clothing at the bottom.
  4.  At the end put towel or cloth on the top and secure the box opening.

For Clothing:

Moving a vacant dressers is easy but if you are #Moving it without removing drawers and clothes, then it’s really must to pack the drawer with proper #Packing material such as heavy duty plastic so the clothes won’t hang around when you unpack the dresser. You can move your clothes still hanging on the rod by packing them in a garbage pack.

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For Your linens:

Why to waste time and efforts on packing your soft items when you can use them as a Cushioning material in packing. Roll your wooden and plastic utensil in dish towels. Use your t-shirt or towel for packing any fragile items and on top put pillow for more security, you can wrap your antique and artwork in soft blanket and protect them during move from Bangalore.

For Earrings:

These are tiny and that’s why need proper packaging. Gather egg carton and put your tiny earning on each nest and top them up with some cotton, now close the cartoon and use stretch sheet for covering it.

Or you can buy box which have several apartments like medicine box and keep your earnings organize and safe in them, but don’t forget to wrap the box in towel so to provide more safety.

For Electronics:

Just like bracelets, necklaces and jewelry cords can get tangled and get separated from their device. Before unplugging your cords from its devise click some pictures so you won’t have to stress yourself while assembling them in your new home. Make sure to label each cords so you won’t puzzle yourself in finding which cord belongs to which device for example use plastic tabs that comes with loaves of bread. Make your move in a less because Household shifting in Bangalore is based on the in house estimation.

For Your plates:
  • Don’t just pack your dinnerware in a condition they were placed in a shelf before. Use these tips:
  • You can wrap your each plate in bubble wrap and place them one by one in a box which has towel or any cloth in its bottom.
  • Now top them up again with some cloth or towel and then tape the box top.
  • If you don’t wanna wrap them in a bubble wrap then you can also place some plastic plates between the ceramic before standing them in a box.

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