Saturday, 21 July 2018

Packers And Movers Bangalore Tips On How To Organize Your Home Library After Move

If reading books is your habit and stress reliever therapy then it’s must that they should be effectively organized so you don’t have to waste any time in finding the one you are looking for. Just after relocation rushing for arranging your book shelves is not a wise option, so it’s better to not to pack the book you want to enjoy on your route, so you can relieve your stress without any worry and also will be able to gather enough time for arranging your home library effectively. Today we are going to see many ways presented by Packers and Movers Bangalore for arranging your house library effectively, which you can follow when you feel OK, no rush, no hubbub give yourself enough time.

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Standardize organization method:

Pick any cataloging system:

There are two main cataloging systems: one is DDC means Dewey Decimal Classification systems, second is LLC means library of congress classification system. DDC works well for small libraries and book collections, but if you want a system that is more in details then use LCC.

What is DDC?

This system organizes the books as the main class, section and division. Its every call number includes a cutter number using which you can identify the author and edition date. Like example:

  • Main class: 900 (literature)
  • Division: 9 (American literature in English)
  • Section: 3.49 (American fiction in English)
  • For getting the call number add these three numbers 900, 9, 3.49 = 912.
  • Follow this number and add a cutter number for identifying the edition date and to identity the first letter of authors last names and your call number will looks like this 912.49 S 2014.

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What is LCC?

This system classifies the books on the basis of class, subclass and topic area. It also include cutter number with its call number but its cutter number used to identify the edition date and title of the book. Example like:

  1. Class: L (literature and language)
  2. Subclass: B (English literature)
  3. Topic area: 999.4 (local, provincial etc.)
  4. Cutter number, author: M98
  5. Cutter number, title: L58
  6. Edition date: 2004
  7. Additional information: c.3
  8. For generating the call number add the components line wise like LB999.4.M98.L58.2004.c.3.

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Plain and easy organization method:

Alphabetically organization of your books:

It is very easy, method to find the book you are looking for within no second. You can alphabetize the books according to the author names, or the titles.

Sort out according to the color and height:

If you want to arrange your book library artfully then go for this option. Like group them as black, white red, orange etc. you can also line up your books as shortest to the tallest or put similar height books together.

Sort out your books on the basis of genre:

If you have varieties of books then arranging your books according to the genre, like on the basis fantasy, mystery, history, art, science and anthropology, psychology and cookbooks etc. or can go for sorting the books according to the reading level like adult, young, children’s etc). Don’t worry if it’s your first time with #Household #Relocation, feel free to call Packers and Movers HSR Layout Bangalore and take out your relocation without any stress.

Follow the chronological order:

You can place your books in the order: when events occurred, idea originated or subjects lived or can go for arranging them according to their publication date.

Enjoy your reading without wasting much time in the search of the book you want and for any help in any of the #household #relocation task feel free to contact Packers and Movers in Bangalore.