Thursday, 28 May 2020

Some Dos- Don’ts for Getting You Through Your First Apartment Move Successfully

Moving to an apartment is as tough as much it is exciting. Whether you are signing a lease or purchasing its truly yours, you can arrange it, decorate it the way you want, the way you were dreaming for such a long time like when I have my apartment I want this thing in it, this decoration in it, now you get the chance exploit it, arrange it in the way which reflects your taste and personality.

Finding a right apartment, preparing for move all this is not at all easy, lot's of work and stress. To get success in your task you need to be aware from all the risks, challenges and pitfall which can come in your way, in simple language you should know what to do and not to do when #moving into your first apartment. So here are some Dos- Don’ts from Packers and Movers Bangalore to make your first #move as easy as possible.

1. Do make a moving budget and dogged to it:

You need to plan your finances very well as moving to a first apartment is quite demanding.
  • Estimate your moving expenses.
  • Make a list of some essential items you require in your first apartment it can furniture, pantry items, bathroom supplies extra.
  • Do sensible calculations compare your monthly income with the monthly rent and you know it can be between 30 %to 40% not above it.

2. Check your savings:

Before making such a big decision check your savings, are you financially comfortable to go for such big step or not. Moving house is a costly project which you need to cover up with all the loving expenses for some month after the move.

So before yon move check out do you have sufficient fund to cover up your moving expense, as well as rent, utility bills and some basic expenses for at least 3 months after move. Wanna know how to save some when moving, read Packers and Movers in Bangalore guide.

3. Inspect potential apartment:

Before you sign the lease check out all the available option of properties you have, like
  • Check the overall condition of the apartments, is there any sign of water damage, poor up keeping, mods or pest or any other potential issues.
  • Check building security system like fire alarm, CCTV cameras and possible break in areas, emergency exists, security guard etc.
  • Also if you are renting a property before you move in click the pictures of prior damage if any so to avoid any conflict when you move out.
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4. Check the location:

Before you search for apartment decided where you want to live. Some factors you should mind are:
  • Proximity from your workplace and from the market.
  • Transportation options, parking issues, availability of public transport etc. Also transport your bike safely in long distance move with #Local #Packers and #Movers in #Bangalore.
  • Safety and crime area, park and other facilities for kids.
  • Amenities like shopping mall, general stores, medical store, restaurant and entertainment options.
  • Greenery around it.

5. Before you sign the lease:

Find your dream apartment, have all the things you have ever thought of now it's time to make it yours but before you sign the lease read it carefully and pay close attention to:
  • Pay close attention to the rent payment, late payment, pet and visitor policies.
  • Ask what's the trash pickup days, maintenance hours, availability of storage space and parking.
  • Discuss with your landlord the clause you failed to complete or any term you don't like it. Moving out of states don't worry secure your belongings with the help of #Packers and #Movers #Bangalore insurance services.

6. Apartment rules:

Before you move in get yourself acknowledge with the apartment rules like cleaning requirements, safety regulation and stick to it seriously. Also book the elevator for moving and know what's the moving hours in your apartment, and it's there parking fee for moving Vehicle.

7. Make a floor plan:

Before you begin with packing and organize know what you can and can jot bring to your apartment and for that you have to asses your apartment take measurement of doors, hallways and space where you will place large furniture, this assessment will help you whether your belongings will fit to new place or not.

And if something is unusable or will not fit in your new home sale it out, gift or donate. Know how to asses the new place by reading Local Packers and Movers Bangalore guide.

What not to do:

1. Not match your lifestyle:

Moving to apartment which doesn't pay you the comfort, warmth, safety, doesn’t fit in your budget, preferences and lifestyle then it's a big mistake you are putting yourself in cell not in home. So choose the apartment have peaceful neighbourhood, desire amenities and convenient #transportation option.

2. Don't delay:

Never delay your moving tasks for tomorrow, if you want successful relocation try to complete the moving job on time and efficiently. Prepare a #moving checklist for your move and follow it to complete your work on time.

3. Don't hesitate for asking help:

Moving for a first time or in first apartment is not an easy job and never try to handle it on your own, get help from your friends, gamily or relative or choose trusted and experienced movers who can handle your #move efficiently and effectively. Read #Packers and #Movers guide for finding out how to choose trusted and affordable Movers.

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