Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Follow Up These 4 Points Before Interviewing Moving Company

 If you think lighting heavy household goods, disassembling goods and packing fragile is what it takes to complete the a challenging mice then add Movers in that list too. Not only hiring movers will cut down your loads and effort which you spend well with your family and loved ones before you move, but it can save you from a moving headache. While moving on your own can take days but because of movers assistance you can complete it within some hours. You can find hundreds of moving company in your local area but finding a best and suitable one for often take time and efforts, it is recommended to at least collect 3 moving quotes from local moving company, but before you go for interviewing, know what you have to ask from your movers and this Packers and Movers Bangalore guide will help you out in doing your homework well.

Before you call the Moving Company:

Before you call moving company for moving quotes, know whom you are dealing with means check their credentials, otherwise it will totally waste of time and effort when you later found that the company is not licensed. Not only doing a research before hand helps you to keep away from frauds but also help you in how to shape or prepare a interview questions. Begin your search with the company's CIN no. Or GSTN, you can easily find gstn no. In their invoices and search where the place of business, permanent and present address, name of the proprietor and so on, this will assure you the company is legally present. You can even check out movers website for searching the same. Packers and Movers in Bangalore are working in #relocation market from years and assist in all kind of move domestic or international, can provide full moving services as well as specific.

If you are unable to find any of the above, go for customer review and search what past customer have to say about them and their services.

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Know your rights and responsibilities:

Before you interview any moving company it's better to understand what’s your right and responsibility in that context. Having a better understanding of these rights and responsibilities will help you to what to look in #moving company while interviewing and what are your responsibility when hiring a movers. Some of your basic responsibility as a customer is – reading all the documents given by #movers, notify movers if any change in date or things related to move, present at the time of delivery and pick up, payment of advance in time if required. Some other and very crucial point is to get the written estimate verbal communication is not valid to show as a prove of your contract while claiming for damage. Ask is what type of estimate your movers provide binding or non binding or both, coverage of liability by Movers in case of damage, wanna know more on your rights and responsibility as a customer? Visit #Packers and #Movers #Bangalore.

Some red flags you should look for:

You shouldn't be wasting your time in interviewing movers who is not insurance or properly licensed as you know how much work you have in your hand. Another sign is the quotation presented by Packers and Movers leave in a doubt like how can it be so cheap and on the top it's the non binding, means your price can be changed anytime and when such estimate is given via email or phone call it's surely a trap like how they can assure you the price when they don't know what efforts they require to make the job, do they visit your home and survey for making the estimate, no it's all over the phone, looking only at the low price estimate can cost you high with your goods so it's better to drop such movers, also knowing the behaviour and way of talking can tell you a lot about movers if they seem professional they may be genuine.

What should be your questions while interviewing?

If you have any special kind of item that you wanna move like piano, king size bed, important goods or hot tub then ask your movers do they have require equipment’s and team or not. Local Packers and Movers in Bangalore have qualified and trained team for handling specialized work like this. If in your building or apartment their is narrow stairs and hallway and no lift then ask your movers how will they tackle it. Ask do they have any discount or offer currently, ask them about their payment and cancellation policy, what is cover in their insurance and do they provide additional insurance services. What items they don't cover in liability and even don't move. If your movers is asking lot of amount in cash and only in cash payment before the move then it may be a scam.

#Movers and #Packers in #Bangalore estimates are based on in house services, means they will visit your home asses and see your things and then tell you about the approximate #cost.